Brideshead Revisited


Brideshead Text Logo

Original novel by Evelyn Waugh



Adapted by Roger Parsley
Directed by Nicki Pope

Produced in association with The Queen Mother Theatre

7th – 10th November 2007
The Queen Mother Theatre – Hitchin

This delightful adaptation of the Evelyn Waugh classic Brideshead Revisited is set between the First and Second World Wars, Brideshead Revisited tells the story of Charles Ryder and his relationship with the aristocratic Flyte Family particularly the flamboyant Sebastian (and his teddy bear Aloysius), and his beautiful socialite sister Julia. Charles falls in love with both of them and we follow his journey from the dreaming spires of Oxford to the outbreak of the 2nd World War.
This was originally adapted by Roger Parsley from the classic novel and first performed by the SNAP theatre company.

Brideshead Revisited was bought to the screen first of all by Granada Television in serialised episodes starring Jeremy Irons, Sir John Gielgud and Laurence Olivier and was an instant success. Much of the filming took place in Yorkshire at the fabulous Castle Howard, which became the setting for the Brideshead Estate. The castle can still be visited today and is very popular with fans of the book and the TV series.
Recently released as a film adaptation of the novel starring Ben Wishaw (Snatch, Perfume, BAFTA nominee for Best Newcomer) who actually started his love of acting at The Queen Mother Theatre in Hitchin, when he joined their award-winning Youth Theatre.

The Cast wereas follows:

Richard Llewellyn as Charles Ryder

Martyn Jolly as Sebastian Flyte

Natalie Gordon as Julia Flyte

Charles Plester as Lord Marchmain/Mr Ryder/Mr Samgrass/Boy Mulcaster/Jasper

Andrew Powell-Eddy as Anthony Blanche/Rex Mottram/Kurt/Brideshead Flyte

Ian Mutton as Hooper/Policeman/Father Phipps

Laura Powell-Eddy as Lady Marchmain/Celia Ryder/Cara

Zoë Watkins as Cordelia/Effie

Christine Mackinven as Nanny Hawkins/Ma Mayfield

and introducing Mr Cherington Shipston as Aloysius the bear

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