The Dresser


dresser text logodresser image logoWritten by Ronald Harwood
Directed by Nicki Pope

Wednesday 29th October to Saturday 1st November 2008
The Queen Mother Theatre – Hitchin

Friday 21st November to Saturday 29th November 2008
The Little Theatre – Dunstable

Inspired by the memories of his years working as Donald Wolfit’s dresser, Ronald Harwood’s evocative, perceptive and hilarious portrait of backstage life is one of the most acclaimed dramas of modern theatre.

Backstage in a provincial theatre an ageing actor-manager, known to his company as Sir, is struggling to find the strength to make it to the stage for his two hundred and twenty seventh performance of King Lear.

With thirty minutes to curtain-up, air-raid sirens sounding and the best actors having been ‘called up’, Sir is crumbling. Devoted dresser Norman must once again rally the unpredictable star whose grip on sanity is becoming increasingly precarious. For sixteen years Norman has been there to fix Sir’s wig, massage his ego, remind him of his opening lines and help to provide the sound effects for the storm scene on the blasted heath.

Best Production 2008Best Actor 2008

Cast are as follows:

Sir – Charles Plester

Norman – Elliott Lawrence

Her Ladyship – Sally Hull

Madge – Helen Balfe

Irene – Zara Shafer

Geoffrey Thornton – Ralph Gough

Mr Oxenby – Peter Carter-Brown

The Crew are as follows:

Director – Nicki Pope

Stage Manager – Tracy Hunt (Hitchin) &
Richard Clarke & Chris Whiteside (Dunstable)

Lighting Design – Fred Rayment

Technical Manager – Emma Saunders

Properties – Greta Johnson & Marilyn Warminger

Costumes – Sally Hull & Helen Balfe

Publicity Cartoon – Andy Davey –

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